pub cache

Cache is one of the commands of the pub tool. Learn more about pub.

$ pub cache add <package> [--version <constraint>] [--all]
$ pub cache repair

The pub cache command works with the system cache. To add new packages to your cache, use pub cache add. To perform a clean reinstall of the packages in your system cache, use pub cache repair.


For options that apply to all pub commands, see Global options.

add <package>
Installs a library in your cache.
Optional. Use with pub add to install all matching versions of a library.
--version <constraint>
Optional. Use with pub add to install the best version matching the specified constraint. For example:
$ pub cache add barback --version "<=0.8.0 <0.110"
If --version is omitted, pub installs the best of all known versions.
It's possible for packages in your pub cache to change or break. For example, some editors make it easy to find implementation files for packages in the pub cache, and you might accidentally edit one of those files. The pub cache repair command performs a clean reinstall of all hosted and git packages in the system cache.