pub run

Run is one of the commands of the pub tool. Learn more about pub.

$ pub run [--enable-asserts] <executable> [args...]

Use this command to run a Dart script in your package, or in one of its dependencies, from the command line.

To run an executable when you are not currently inside a package, use the pub global command.

Running a script in your package’s bin directory

This is the simplest use case.

From the root of a package that contains foo.dart in the bin directory, run the app using the following command:

$ pub run foo arg1 arg2

This command looks in your package’s bin directory for the specified script and invokes it, passing in any arguments.

Running a script in another directory in your package

To run a script inside a directory other than the top-level bin directory (but within the package), prepend the path to the name of the script. For example, to run foo.dart in the example/sub directory:

$ pub run example/sub/foo arg1 arg2

Running a script in a dependency

To run a script from the bin directory of a package that you depend on in the pubspec, specify the package name. For example, to run bar.dart in the foo package:

$ pub run foo:bar arg

You can only run scripts out of another package’s bin directory. All other directories are private.


For options that apply to all pub commands, see Global options.